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Patch 1.13
by Kragor, posted on 2012-05-21 16:21:45


Hello to all the Stellar Impact’s community,


Here is the latest patchnote version 1.13



- 3 new maps created by players have been added.

- A 2vs2 map named « surrounded » created by Suntox.

- A 4vs4 map named « mining colony » created by Everian.

- A 6vs6 map named « anchorage » created by Spiz.



- Some tooltips have been fixed.

- The double tower in the « hell pass » map has been removed.

- The « extraction field »’s minimap have been fixed.



- The « support ship »’s armor has been decreased by 10 points.

- One light side turret has been removed from the « support ship ».

- Shield points from the skill « defense tower » have been increased to 500 points.

- The armor of the skill « defense tower » has been decreased to 25%.

- The skill « counter measures » is now efficient against the artillery ship’s classical shot (during the display of the area of effect), but not against  skills.

- Critical hits are considered by the skill « force field ».


Ranking :

- Custom games are now ranked.

- The ranking system has been changed in order to be in accordance with the player’s level. One victory increases the rank by 10 points and one defeat decreases the rank by 10 points.

- All new players will begin with a ranking of 1000 points.

- For veterans, the rank will be recalculated according to their kill/death ratio.


Maps made by players have been modified in order to respect gameplay constraints.

Because of game’s instability for the Steam release, we will reset “desertions” of all the players.


A chance to restart in the right way.


Thank you all for your attention and we wish you a good day commanders.

Tindalos Interactive.


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