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News about the Science Vessel and the upcoming patch
by Tyraelius, posted on 2012-07-17 11:44:39

Hi all,

There is some news about the Science vessel straight out of our hangar.

This ship has mastered the art of electronic warfare and gravitational forces to take control of its opponent’s ships.

The various skills of the Science Vessel in operation are:
- The pulse wave: The ship generates a large pulse wave in which the enemy ships are repelled.
- Electronic warfare: The ship is equipped with electronic combat systems which cause the enemy ship to lose control.
- The distortion bomb: jewels of technology, this bomb can create distortion rifts. All ships of large tonnage suffer extensive damage in contact with it.
- The Tractor Beam: Used at first to tow ore asteroids, the military application of the tractor beam can attract enemy ships. This allows to pull out a threat in an armada.

Finally, recent research allows the science vessels to carry a gravitational singularity advanced module. This singularity attracts nearby enemy ships, inflicting more damage to them as they approaches the center.

This technological gem will come into your hangar on July 26 th. This is the latest news from our construction yard.

This ship will be accompanied by a series of changes to the game.

The towers surrounding the respawn area has been enhanced to fire on multiple targets at once.
Several skills and abilities has been fixed and tweaked. For example, deployable structures cannot be stacked anymore.
Settings and graphics optimization has been made, especially regarding the fog of war.
Other improvements and adjustments are expected.

All these changes will be detailed in the patch notes of the July 26th patch.

Thank you for your patience and I'll try to answer your questions about the new ship or changes.


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