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Patch note for Stellar Impact 1.14.1043
by Stilgar, posted on 2012-07-24 13:15:34


Patch note Stellar impact v1.14





- The three new maps "Mining Colony", "Anchorage" and "Surrounded" have their names appear correctly in the lobby.


- The "MK" displayed in the players summary correspond with the "MK" unlocked by the player.


- Fixed several Tooltips.


- The convoys now pass-through escort ships they meet along the way.


- The damage bonus when using the skill "Scanner" now works correctly.


- Passive skills "priority Officer" and "Advanced emergency pods" each runs as they should.


- The lights passing through the Axis "support" ship in the hangar were corrected.





- Players who are slowed by the skill "frag shells" of the artillery ship can use the skill "emergency repairs" to remove the negative effect.


- The time before a player is considered a deserter is now reduced to 3 min.


- It is now impossible to place a deployable structure (radar beacon, quantum beacon, defense turret, heavy turret, repair outpost, stealth generator and mines) on an asteroid or other structure already placed.


- The artillery ship in "siege" mode cannot see the buttons of teleportation in the mini-map near a teleportation point.


- The shield of the artillery ship in "siege" is now reduced to 0.


- If a player dies while displaying victory / loss at end game, this death is no longer recorded.


- The defense turrets of the safe zone now fire multiple rockets.


- The base's hit points are now increased according to the number of players.



- Additions of new-ship "Scientific".





- Fog of war optimization 


- The ship configurations are now saved when players enter into the game.


- The ship configuration window will automatically close 10 seconds before the start of the game instead of 4 seconds.


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